Stomaphyx Procedure

The Stomaphyx procedure is for people who have undergone Roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery and have reacquired their weight because of an expanded stomach pouch or enlarged stomach opening. It is a new and advanced revision procedure. Approved by the US FDA in 2007, the StomaphyX procedure reduces the stomach pouch and stomach outlet (stoma) to the original gastric bypass size without traditional surgery or incisions and with minimal recovery time. It is not performed as a primary method of weight loss surgery, but as a type of revisional bariatric surgery for gastric bypass patients.

Stomaphyx Cost

The recently introduced procedure called StomaphyX has a cost of around $9500 to $10500 on average. Depending on your location your cost may be higher if in a large metropolitan area such as Houston, Los Angeles, or New York. Likewise, if in a smaller city you may only need to put out $7,500.

Stomaphyx Recovery Period

The recovery time is very little after the StomaphyX procedure. Because the procedure is performed through the mouth, there are no surgical cuts and no detectable scars. The majority of patients are able to resume job duties in only a few days.

Stomaphyx Complications

Risk and Side Effects
Since the procedure is fairly new and because it was approved by the FDA in 2007, no enduring case studies have been done. However, research points the complications and risks to be very low, when looked at comparitively to conventional correctional surgery. The two primary complications are bleeding and perforation.